Vilistus :: Affordable biofeedback

The no gel, no hassle, EEG headband

The Vilistus V-BAND

  • A quicker and easier hookup
  • Saline connectivity - the end of paste and gel!
  • Gold electrodes for more accurate readings
  • Saves time and money on supplies
  • handcrafted, comfortable and stylish

Limited Stock

The Vilistus V-BAND has been created for us by top UK-based fashion designer, Frida Hoffman, and is simple to use as well as stylish and comfortable to wear.

It effortlessly supports the 10/20 electrode system and, unlike other headbands and headsets, you have complete control as to where you place the electrodes.

We've included everything you'll need. The two-channel Vilistus V-BAND set contains:

We also supply a small atomiser bottle that you can fill with saline solution (and we can supply that as well). If you need more channels, you can use our four, eight or sixteen channel sets or just add pouches and electrodes as you need them.

Simple to use, easy to clean

Using a simple salt water solution to create an excellent electrical connection, the gold electrodes are held snugly in place using the soft chamois pouches attached via Velcro® to the V-BAND and over-the-head straps.The electrode pouches give you the freedom to create any montage you like. And, when you're done, just clean the pouches with tap-water and you're ready to go again.

Works seamlessly with Vilistus sensors

If you want to keep using your Vilistus electrodes, pastes and gels, our specially designed V-BAND will give you greater comfort and a tight, snug fit for a better connection.

If you switch to the V-BAND with its gold electrodes and saline conductivity, you will get an excellent connection in seconds instead of minutes.

And because the headband has been designed to be removable, once you've placed the sensors and run your session, you can just lift it off - ready for the next time. The optional chin-strap ensures that you always have a solid connection to the scalp - even though hair!

And, then there is the question of "where" to place the sensors. It's all very well ensuring that the headband fits correctly, but it's quite another thing to work out where to place the electrodes. We've thought this though!

We supply a set of positioning markers which you can place on the outside of the V-Band and head-strap. And, once you've done that, they can be used to capture the electrode leads and ensure that they are neat and tidy!

Works with everything

If you use equipment other than Vilistus, we're not forgetting you either! The Vilistus V-BAND can be used with any neurofeedback product that uses tin, gold or Ag/AgCl electrodes. Just pop them in the pouches and you're good to go.

Full support for the Vilistus Mind Mirror

As a Mind Mirror customer you demand the best when it comes to software; and now you can have the simplest set-up as well. With the Mind Mirror, four of the five electrodes are placed over hair requiring self-trainers and practitioners alike to spend time (and money) using preparation gels and electrode pastes, and electrodes which must be replaced when the sliver chloride layer wears off.

With the Vilistus V-BAND, you can quickly locate your electrode positions and attach the gold electrode pouches to the band. Best of all, most people can use these gold electrodes on TOP of the hair without having to separate it! This means spending less time on the hookup - and the cleanup - and more time with your life enhancing Mind Mirror. No longer will you need to spend time after the session cleaning electrode paste out of your hair. With saline, there is no cleanup!

A small price to pay

Over the course of a year, you purchase skin preparation gels such as NuPrep, and electrode pastes like TEN20 and costly new electrodes, since the silver chloride layer rubs off with wear. These costs mount up, especially if you are working with clients.

The two channel Vilistus V-BAND saves you these recurring costs. we provide everything you need for the one-off price of £119.99 - a saving of £80.00. And if you need a four channel set, the price is just £179.99 (a saving of over £120). If you need more channels - or just would like more information - drop us an email at or call us on +44 (0) 1 931 778606

Help when you need it

And, remember, with the Vilistus V-BAND neurofeedback headband you get the same level of help and support that's available with all of our products. So, don't delay, get yours today and start experiencing the benefits of neurofeedback without the hook-up hassle.