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Getting Started With Neurofeedback
29th October - Birmingham, UK

Have you ever wondered how to about using neurofeedback? You're not alone.

Many people like you have asked us for an introductory course that mixes extensive hands-on experience with neurofeedback devices with properly researched information on neurofeedback theory and applications.

"Getting started with neurofeedback" is an intensive one-day course where you'll get the chance to sample many different types of neurofeedback, learn what questions to ask before investing in equipment and come away with a sound base of knowledge that you'll immediately be able to use.

You'll be taught by experienced neurofeedback practitioners and have plenty of time to try out the equipment and ask as many questions as you need.

You'll find that we're neurofeedback enthusiasts who are passionate about our subject and eager to share our knowledge and experiences and to give you those invaluable hints and tips about the do's and don'ts of this fascinating topic.

This course is your ideal opportunity to learn what's possible with neurofeedback (and what's not) and how best to get involved.

We'll cover the key issues:

The workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in neurofeedback and who wants a practical hands-on course shorn of the "jargon".

We know it's important to keep costs down and so we've priced the course at £125 (including buffet lunch) or
grab the early bird price of £85 if you book before 30th September.

Hurry! We've limited the course to 12 people so that everyone gets enough time
Reserve your place by calling NOW on +44 1 931 714053 or
email us at

P.S. Buy a Vilistus system within 30 days of attending the course and we'll credit your attendance fee against the cost of purchase!