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Whatever your requirement for neurofeedback, we've got you covered!

From personal training kits to full practitioner solutions, we have affordable equipment that can be used at home, in clinics, the laboratory or in the office to research, assess and train yourself or clients and, with our exclusive Mind Mirror® plug-in, to help achieve deep meditative states with our unique self training program!

And when you buy from us, you'll have complete peace of mind because everything comes with:

We believe that whatever your experience in neurofeedback and whatever you want to achieve, we have the package that's exactly right for you and, remember, with Vilistus you can mix-and-match; add or remove sensors, software, accessories and consumables to build your perfect set - and all at a great low price!

Choose from our most popular packages:

Neurofeedback Personal Training Pack

Vilistus Personal Training Pack Ideal for the home trainer or therapist who wants to learn about neurofeedback. Contains a Vilistus-4 Digital Sampling Unit, Vilistus/Pro software, dual channel EEG sensor, electrodes and consumables. More details...

Vilistus FadeBack

Now you can tailor the neurofeedback experience precisely to the client; turn any PC Program into feedback, stream content from the web or watch any DVD.

Too good to be true? Not with the all-new Vilistus Fadeback product! Check out the features of this exciting addition to the Vilistus system today (and be sure to see the limited-time special offer!)

The Vilistus V-BAND EEG headband

The Vilistus V-BAND, ideal for EEG Neurofeedback For a no-gel, no-hassle neurofeedback headband, look no further than the Vilistus V-BAND!

The V-BAND delivers quicker and easier hookups, specially designed gold electrodes for accurate recording, and, most importantly, NO GEL or PASTE. More details on the Vilistus V-BAND EEG headband here...

"Neurofeedback with Natasha has been an exciting experience of working with my brain to bring about change.

In a fairly short time, my pain levels have come down and my capacity to cope has increased.

I love the fact that this is such a straightforward, concrete process - it’s given me a lot of hope that I can make lasting healing steps in my recovery"

--Client of Natasha Wilson (full details on file)

Neurofeedback assessment and training set

clinical assessment package A must for any neurofeedback practitioner:

  • An assessment protocol that takes minutes (not hours)
  • Quickly highlights potential issues
  • Uniquely, suggests protocols to use
  • and THEN gives you everything you need to conduct the training.

    This set includes a Vilistus-4 Digital Sampling Unit, Vilistus/Pro software, five EEG channels with a multi-channel breakout box and our exclusive client assessment package along with a detailed training manual.

Audio Visual Entrainment and neurofeedback

Vilistus AVE with EEG Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) is a simple, non-invasive and uncomplicated way of achieving a desired brain state, whether you want to study, relax, meditate, work more effectively or improve at your chosen sport. Neurofeedback provides the essential extra information to tell the AVE device how well you're doing!

For our AVE and neurofeedback solution, we provide a Procyon AVS system, a Vilistus-4 Digital Sampling Unit, a single channel EEG sensor, the Vilistus/Pro software and the Procyon/Vilistus integration module. More details...

The Vilistus Mind Mirror®

Awaken subtle awareness in yourself and others and discover body-mind correlates of consciousness - comprising a Vilistus-4, Vilistus/Pro software, dual channel EEG sensor, cable extender, skin conductance sensor, pulse sensor, electrodes, consumables, the Vilistus Mind Mirror software and our exclusive meditation training program and manuals. More details...

The Practitioners Set

Everything you need to get started as a neurofeedback practitioner! The Practitioners set boasts:

and comes with a 4-hour FAST-START course to make sure you get the best out of your investment in the shortest possible time. More Details...

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