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Biofeedback is a training system in which signals from your body are used for visual or auditory feedback. This method was first used in the 1970's and has been subject of thorough scientific research ever since.

So what can Biofeedback do?

Biofeedback can directly show the physiological effects of stress and our 'behaviour' as it occurs. This means you become consciously aware of the effects in your body and, using feedback, how to make the required changes.

An example: A client had developed a habit of building up chronic tension in their neck and shoulder muscles and had chronic headaches as a consequence. Pain killers could suppress the pain but do little to change the root cause.

Using Vilistus, the tension was displayed visually on a computer screen and through biofeedback the client learnt to become aware of this tension and release it before it lead to cramps, painful muscles or headaches.

By making these behavioural changes the headaches may occur less often or even disappear altogether.

What are the advantages of biofeedback?

Biofeedback helps you to become aware of the effects of chronic behaviour that are the roots of a health problem. In the example of the headache sufferer above, the tension level of the neck and shoulder muscles level may be too high. After a while this can cause restricted bloodflow, fatigue, build-up of waste products and finally pain.

Using Vilistus, you can observe your stress level as you apply relaxation techniques and immediately see - and feel - the results. This same technique applies to other health problems such as: overbreathing and hyperventilation, blood flow problems, bruxism and essential hypertension.

The main principles of biofeedback are:

Can Biofeedback help with stress?

Biofeedback can be extremely beneficial in helping with stress-related disorders or health problems that relate to 'behaviour' or 'lifestyle'.

Biofeedback has helped a growing number of people that suffer from health problems such as: chronic tension headache; hyperventilation; migraine; essential hypertension; RSI; burn-out; stress related palpitations and so on.

Research has indicated that chronic stress can lead to serious health problems. Chronic stress often leads to overactivation of the sympathetic nervous system. This part of the autonomic nervous system is responsible for functions such as: the acceleration of the heart rate; the constriction of blood vessels; the raising of the bloodpressure and more. Stress also impacts the hormonal system.

Our body is constantly balancing itself in order to reach a state that is known as 'homeostasis'. However our 'behaviour', or the way we deal with chronic stress, can interfere with that process and can actually be harmful or even damaging. Our immune system can also respond negatively to long term chronic stress as well.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Biofeedback is a therapy which needs you to actively participate. A recent study found that people who engaged with biofeedback achieved better results than those who just "went with the flow". Like most things in life, you tend to get out in proportion to what you put in.

It's important to note that even if you are motivated to start a biofeedback programme, there are a number of important factors that are critical to your success:

There's plenty of evidence to suggest that, when these conditions are fulfilled, biofeedback can be extremely effective. Call us today on +44 (0) 1 931 778606 for more information on how Vilistus can help you.