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Vilistus FadeBack

HAVE YOU ever wished you could:

Well, now you can, with Vilistus FadeBack - The ONLY feedback program you'll ever need.

Vilistus FadeBack allows you to select the feedback that's relevant to your client - without worrying whether the neurofeedback software can support it!

Vilistus FadeBack

Using a innovative translucent window that sits in front of your DVD player, game or application, Vilistus FadeBack automatically turns the window more, or less, transparent as the client moves in and out of "the zone". At the same time, the PC's volume control varies giving a fine level of control over the neurofeedback experience.

Because Vilistus FadeBack can be used with any 3rd party video player, PC game, audio player, eBook reader (or spreadsheet program!), you can select precisely what will provide the best environment for the neurofeedback to work.

You can be certain of getting timely, accurate and positive feedback every time because Vilistus FadeBack interfaces directly with:

Vilistus FadeBack is a small-footprint standalone program that allows you a very fine level of control over the neurofeedback process. You can select:

You can even dynamically vary the responsiveness of Vilistus FadeBack to reduce the amount of change on the window.

Best of all, you can use an external DVD player at no extra cost, you can stream videos or just surf the net - you can be as imaginative as you like.

Place the FadeBack translucent window over a Word document or Excel Spreadsheet and use Vilistus neurofeedback to keep up your level of concentration.

Vilistus FadeBack works with all current versions of Windows, and even on a Mac through the Parallels or Bootcamp software. And, because it's a standalone program, it makes dual-screen feedback a breeze!

Make YOUR neurofeedback practice more relevant to your clients today and, remember, Vilistus FadeBack comes with lifetime technical support and unlimited software updates.

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