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Neurofeedback (or EEG Biofeedback) uses feedback from the electrical activity of the brain (the EEG) in order to retrain and recondition brainwave patterns. The EEG activity can be observed in several frequency bands whose activity researchers have correlated with states of attention, alertness, drowsiness and sleep.

Numerous studies have indicated that by training the brainwave activity directly, the level of attention or mental states such as relaxation and anxiety can be changed or positively conditioned.

Neurofeedback is based on "operant conditioning" which involves providing immediate reward of desirable behaviour or states and discouragement of undesirable ones. Basically, it is a learning process where the state of the EEG is constantly monitored and fed-back. Because it is a learning process, there are no known negative side effects and is generally considered a safe method.

How Does it Work?

Neurofeedback is traditionally based on the feedback of brainwave activity in the Theta (4-8), Alpha (8-12), SMR (12-15) and Beta (16-30) frequency bands.


A number of electrodes are placed on the head (using standardised locations) and the amplitude or power of these frequency bands are fed back with a graphical display or auditory feedback.

Slow brainwave activity may indicate a state of inattention or drowsiness. If that is undesirable, the slow wave activity may trained 'down' and 'faster' brainwave activity is rewarded.

Full Spectrum Neurofeedback

For EEG, the Vilistus products support a wide frequency band up to 100Hz (or even higher). Because Vilistus requires no notch filters (50/60Hz) its means the entire frequency band, including real gamma (35-45 Hz) is available.

Clinical Applications

Neurofeedback has been tested and tried for many types of applications including:

Neurofeedback at home

The Vilistus system has been specifically designed for home training. Whether you are undertaking your own research or are working with someone, you will find that the Vilistus hardware and software gives you everything you need to run an effective training course.

Our systems can be used by both adults and children and we have developed some simple graphical games that make re-training the brain fun and easy.