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The Next-Generation Clay Target Training System

ShotSeer - "It's so easy"

A picture is worth a thousand words and with 120 frames-per-second from a uniquely mounted camera underneath the gun barrel you see exactly where you're shooting and how well you hit the target. It's objective proof that validates your coaching and improves your shooting.

"It's so easy; pupils immediately see what I mean!

They can clearly see how they approach the clay whatever technique they use and ShotSeer highlights any errors they make mounting the stock."

-- Eric Manshoven, Respected international coach


Coaches and shooters agree; the ShotSeer training system is the future of clay target and game coaching. This exciting and innovative coaching tool provides accurate and objective feedback to both the coach and client though the use of advanced camera technology, state of the art computer software, biometrics and the ability to save the session for offline playback.

ShotSeer is the invaluable tool for shooters, coaches and shooting grounds alike:

For the shooter, ShotSeer provides:

For the coach, ShotSeer delivers:

For the Shooting ground, ShotSeer offers:

Whether you're a club; a shooter looking to improve your score; a coach looking to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace or a shooting ground who are looking to a new "hook", we've packaged a ShotSeer system that will suit you:

Feature Personal
Ideal For: Shooters Shooters,
and Grounds
For those
who want
the best!
Precision 120FPS Camera
Aluminimum Gun Mount
ShotSeer Professional Software
Coach Camera
Peak Performance Biometrics
Ultimate Biometrics
Three Day
Shooting Masterclass

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ShotSeer - Objective and Proof!